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If you are looking for a gentle, obedient and friendly pet, a Maltese Toy puppy may be the right pet for you! This breed will grow up to 4-7 pounds and 9-10 inches wide. They loved to be held and are protective of their owner and territory. The Maltese Teacup will tolerate other pets well; however, will not tolerate poor behaved children. If you think the Maltese Teacup is the right breed for...

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Teacup Maltese Puppies Tips

Teacup Maltese Puppies Tips

Providence Teacup Maltese Puppies provides detailed tips and information on the most frequently asked questions to help you make the right choice. [Teacup Maltese Puppies ]

Providence Teacup Maltese Puppies | Gentle, Friendly & Obedient Pets

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes. If your preference is for a very small dog, you might want to consider a teacup Maltese. Providence Teacup Maltese Puppies are smaller than normal Maltese, carefully bred to be tiny. Fully grown, they can weigh less than four pounds, although they may seem larger when in full coat. Maltese have long, silky coats that do require some grooming, although they shed less than many dogs and, as a result, cause fewer problems for owners with allergies. They have only a single coat, and most shedding everywhere problems are caused by the dog shedding its heavy winter undercoat.

It's generally advisable to bathe your Maltese about once a week and brush them daily, if for nothing else than because their long white coats show every speck of dirt. Of course, they are worth the effort. Most Maltese are pure white, some may have some cream or lemon on them. One thing to note about a Providence Teacup Maltese Puppy is that he probably won't realize how small he actually is. Maltese are notorious for their 'little dog attitude'. They are outgoing and tough, and may sometimes try to take on much bigger dogs. They tend, thus, to do better as the only dog in the house...or with a companion of similar size.

Of course, sometimes it's hard to choose just one puppy from a litter. Maltese tend to mature a little more slowly than some other breeds. Because of this, they are generally not weaned until 12 weeks, when their teeth are better developed. Because of their tiny size, Providence Teacup Maltese Puppies are ideal for apartment living. They don't take up much space at all, even if you buy more than one of them. They are, in fact, adorable little white fluffballs. If a teacup Maltese sounds like the dog for you, consider buying a Providence Teacup Maltese Puppy. Or even two of them.